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Alleviates Pain

Arista’s rear cut-out relieves stress on the spine and helps alleviate lower back pain.


Protects Tailbone

Its unique squish-proof design retains shape easily for up to 250lbs weight.


Improves Posture

The raised rear end restores your spine’s lumbar lordotic curve by tilting your pelvis forward.

Built For Distance

For Cars

For Cars

For SUVs

For SUVs

For Trucks

For Trucks

Arista’s seat cushion is specially designed to alleviate/relieve lower-back pain. It offers six great benefits to provide long hours of driving comfort

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Six Great Benefits:

Alleviates Lower Back Pain

The rear cut-out suspends the tailbone in the air, relieving stress on the spine and alleviating lower-back pain.


Dual layer sandwich construction makes the cushion squish-proof. Bottom non-compressible layer maintains air-gap.

Super Slim

Arista’s dual layer sandwich construction helps build the slimmest cushions.

Prevents Numbness In Legs

The tapering front end of the wedge ensures blood flow to your legs isn’t restricted.

Improves Posture

The raised rear end of the wedge tilts your pelvis forward to restore your spine’s natural lumbar lordotic curve.

Perfect Ventilation

Top PU layer and perforated base ensure perfect airflow and cool comfort during long hours of driving.

Foldable Heart Cushion

Dual-layer construction, PU soft top, engineered foam firm bottom – inner cover of soft cotton, outer cover of breathable velvet. Comes with dust-proof carry bag.


Easy To Carry

Comes With Carry Bag

Dust-proof Cover

Butterfly Seat Cushion

In addition to the heart-shaped cushion, AristaComfort™ seat cushions are also available in a patented butterfly shape, allowing for multi-sided use.

Fluid design allows for suspension of tailbone

Two usable sides

Easy, washable cover

Medical Benefits

AristaComfort™ seat cushions are designed to suspend the tailbone in the rear end cut-out, thus relieving the compressive stress on the spine, which helps relieve/alleviate lower back pain. The wedge design maintains /restores your spine’s natural lumbar lordotic curve. For both these reasons AristaComfort™ seat cushions are helpful in pain management in the following medical conditions:

Coccydynia or Coccyx (tail bone) pain
Anal Fissures / Hemorrhoids
Sacral pressure sores or Pressure ulcers
Piriformis syndrome
Pelvic pressure and hip pain
Pilonidal Disease / pilonidal cystectomy / Pilonidal cyst
Polymyalgia Rheumatica
Post coccygectomy surgery recovery

Disclaimer: There are a variety of reasons for lower back pain. Some may be related to the spine while others may be the result of problems elsewhere in the body. Consult a qualified doctor to find the cause of your pain. AristaComfort™ Seat Cushions help relieve/reduce pain. They are not an alternative to medical treatment.

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