About Us

About Arista Excellence

Arista Excellence Inc. is a product design company providing solutions for consumer health and wellness. Arista’s patented seat cushions are specially designed to help relieve stress on the spine and maintain correct sitting posture, thereby alleviating/relieving lower back pain. Our company aims to carve a niche as a global leader, in the field of ergonomically designed seat cushions.

Arista seat cushions are particularly helpful for:

  • People sitting long hours at work, home or while travelling,
  • Healthy people seeking preventive healthcare on a personal level,
  • Employers implementing “Workplace wellness programs” to improve productivity and reduce absenteeism.
  • People with medical conditions, seeking non-invasive and alternate solutions to alleviate pain and suffering. Specifically, people seeking alternate solutions, as supplementary / complementary form of treatment, to avoid or delay, the prohibitively expensive surgical intervention.

Our vision for the future is to leverage technology, engineering design and advances in material sciences, to create products that help people enhance quality of life, at work, home and outdoors. Specifically, we plan to offer:

  1. Consumer health and wellness products,
  2. Non-prescription medical devices,
  3. Wearables / Health clothing (special needs clothing for an active life).

We serve diverse markets such as Car & Truck accessories, Travel & Leisure, Home & Office furniture. Arista offers comfortable seating solutions for a wide range of applications, such as:

  • Seat cushions for cars and trucks,
  • Compact foldable cushions for outdoors like air travel, stadiums etc.,
  • Seat cushions for homes & offices,
  • Discreet wearable coccyx pads
  • Coccyx Seat cushions and Wheelchairs cushions for the HME/DME segment.