Design highlights

7 benefits from unique design features,
address problems associated with long hours of sitting.


  • Cut-out in both, heart shape and butterfly shape cushions, relieves stress on the spine and tail-bone, which helps alleviate lower back pain.
  • Sandwich construction (dual layer) provide three benefits: Slimmer cushions, that never squish down flat (up to 250 lbs weight), and maintain constant air-gap, to ensure there is no painful contact between the tail-bone and surface of the seat.
  • Symmetric shape of butterfly cushion, provides two usable sides, prolonging useful life of cushion.





  • The tapered front end of the wedge, ensures the blood flow to the lower leg is not restricted (which causes numbness), due to the vein under the thigh getting pressed, by front end of the cushion.
  • The raised rear end of the wedge, raises your hips above the knees which tilts the pelvis forward to restore your spine's natural lumbar lordotic curve. This improves sitting posture and takes the stress off, from the rest of the spine, thus relieving back and neck pain.