Medical Benefits

AristaComfort™ seat cushions are designed to suspend the tailbone in the rear end cut-out, thus relieving the compressive stress on the spine, which helps relieve/alleviate lower back pain. The wedge design maintains /restores your spine's natural lumbar lordotic curve. For both these reasons AristaComfort™ seat cushion s are helpful in pain management in the following medical conditions:

1. Coccydynia or Coccyx (tailbone) pain due to:

a) Bruised, sprained, inflamed or dislocated tailbone,
b) Coccyx fractures (fractured, broken, chipped or cracked tailbone),
c) Pregnancy or labor-induced coccydynia /coccyx injuries from pregnancy,
d) Tailbone injuries from sports and other causes,
e) Tailbone pain, aching, soreness or discomfort due to long hours of road travel or air travel.
f) Pain or numbness from long periods of seated desk work.

2. Anal Fissures / Hemorrhoids

3. Sacral pressure sores or Pressure ulcers

4. Piriformis syndrome

5. Pelvic pressure and hip pain

6. Pilonidal Disease/ pilonidal cystectomy / Pilonidal cyst

7. Polymyalgia Rheumatica

8. Sacroiliitis

9. Post coccygectomy surgery recovery.

10. Spondylolisthesis.

Disclaimer: There are a variety of reasons for lower back pain. Some may be related to the spine while others may be the result of problems elsewhere in the body. Consult a qualified doctor to find the cause of your pain. AristaComfort™ Seat Cushions help relieve/reduce pain. They are not an alternative to medical treatment.